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Built-Up Felt Roofing

Built-up Felt Roofing

Our Services

  • Full Inspection of the existing Felt Roof Structure, Surface Covering, Guttering, Rainwater Goods and Roof Line.
  • Patching or Resurfacing with Modern Felts.
  • Complete Felt Roof Renewal including Decking.
  • Free Impartial and Professional advice.
  • All Waste materials removed from site.
  • All Work and Materials Fully Guaranteed.
  • North Wales, Flintshire, Deeside, Chester & Wirral Areas.

What is Built-Up Felt Roofing?

The repair and replacement of flat or shallow pitched roofs is probably the most common amongst roofing professionals.

Due to the lack of pitch, water is unable to run off the roof rapidly and as a consequence will find any defects in the surface covering very quickly. These defects can be caused by wear and tear of the surface over its lifetime, or as a result of poor installation.

Small defects can be easily patched if spotted in time, but if left unchecked, water ingress to the roof decking can result in major damage to the decking material (usually plywood) resulting in an expensive renewal of the roof.

Built up felt roofing provides layered protection by using a number of bituminous roofing felt layers, (Industrial standard 3 layers) each cross bonded to the previous layer to provide a weatherproof barrier.

3 layers of under-roll felt (saturated felt) are laid and covered with a top mineral-surfaced roll layer (mineral cap) that has its upper surface impregnated with mineral granules.

This mineral finish can come in a variety of colours; blue/grey, red/brown, white but usually green and helps prevent premature damage to the felt by protecting it from excessive seasonal changes in temperature.

This type of roof covering is normally associated with flat roofs but may also be used on pitch roofs.

Due to the range of applications, many types of felt are available. Under roll felt or saturated felt is made from core materials such as sand, polyester fleece or glass fibre impregnated with asphalt. These core materials provide varying degrees of protection from the elements and consequently the longevity of the felt.

With modern polyester and glass fibre materials (Not to be confused with Glass Fibre Roofing) a built-up felt roof can last in excess of 25 years.

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