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Flat to Pitched Roof Conversion

Flat to Pitched Roof Conversion

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Why a Flat to Pitched Roof Conversion?

Although modern felts and single ply systems have advanced tremendously over the years. In terms of general robustness and ease of maintenance, a pitched roof is difficult to beat.

Clients normally consider a pitched roof conversion for two reasons; Practicality and aesthetics. Where a home owner has had ongoing problems with a flat roof installation or when the life of the roof has expired, converting to a traditional roofing system can be a consideration. The aesthetic of a pitched roof where, tiles, fascia and rain water goods match the installation of the main building, can greatly enhance the overall appearance of the property, as well as potentially increasing its value.

Converting from a flat roof to a pitched roof requires the construction of a timber framework to provide the pitch or slope and to support the tiles or slates and any accumulated precipitation (ice & snow). Pitch is dependent on the tiles used and the scale of the conversion, but is usually a minimum of 25 °. The timber framework void is insulated and roofing membrane and battens attached (although cladding can be used). Suitable tiles or slates are affixed followed by fascia, soffits and rainwater goods.

The expense of a pitched roof conversion should be considered in terms of the longevity of the structure, maintainability, the aesthetic improvement and the possible increase in the property value.

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