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Can I provide my own materials?

Yes. If you can source the materials at a reduced cost, that's fine, providing they meet our specifications. We'll happily supply you with a detailed materials list in advance of construction along with our price so you can compare. You will find us very hard to beat. Please be aware that if you supply the materials and although they may meet our specifications, we will be unable to guarantee them.

I have a felt roof that's coming to the end of it's life. I've heard a great deal about rubber roofing. Should I re-felt or use rubber?

This is a very common question, not only with rubber (or EPDM as we call it in the trade) but with all the single ply technologies. It depends on a number of factors. Primarily the suitability of your existing roof, including its substrate (decking), abutments and roofline. A professionally laid EPDM, PVC or GRP roof can look stunningly impressive, but only if the building structure and roofline can accentuate this. The dimensions of your roof are also very important. A 'One-roll' cover of EPDM is not only more aesthetically pleasing but by its nature seamless. A roof that requires multi-rolls is potentially prone to seam leaks and can also look rather ugly. If longevity is your main concern then EPDM clearly wins with a membrane life of 50+ years. Remember, that in order to get your roof guaranteed for up to 30 years it must be installed by certified EPDM specialists.